Around 1930, the Portuguese cousins Antonio and Mario Santiago founded Phebo in Belém, a city in the heart of the Amazon region in the north of Brazil, with the vision of creating a range of exclusive, high quality, fine cosmetics and perfumes using local ingredients. Their ambition was to create an exclusive, premium brand, as good as if not better than, the prestigious European brands that dominated the luxury beauty market at the time.
The name Phebo - the Greek god of the sun - was carefully chosen for the brand, to symbolize the birth of this new era in Brazilian perfumery.


With its high quality products, unusual, provocative and yet elegant fragrances, Phebo quickly became a national success. A number of products launched at this time are still Brazilian icons. Phebo Odor de Rosas, a black vegetable-based glycerine soap with a unique, easily recognizable perfume combining the essence of Amazonian rosewood with over a hundred other ingredients such as sandalwood, cloves and cinnamon from Madagascar among others remains a product beloved amongst generations of Brazilians.

In 1942, Phebo launched the Alfazema eau de cologne, a lavender fragrance that quickly obtained cult status throughout the country.

Over the years, however, the brand was sold to different companies and, while still a beloved brand for Brazilians, faded from public view due to reduced investment in innovation and communication.

In 2004, Phebo was acquired by Granado and work was initiated to restore it to a position befitting its glorious past.


The renaissance of Phebo required a multifaceted approach. With its heritage rooted firmly in the uniqueness of its perfumes, particular focus was given to developing singular and striking fragrances. This strategy resulted in the creation of distinctive and unexpected scents such as the Isabela Capeto perfume, the Amir Slama eau de cologne and a variety of other products that are today present in the portfolio of the brand.

In parallel, the visual identity was updated and modernized. The rose illustration, the icon of Phebo, was redesigned and vibrant colors were chosen for the packaging to evoke simultaneously both the explosion of scents in Phebo products and the bright colors of flora and fauna that startles and enchants in the dark lushness of the Amazonian forest.

The Phebo brand today appeals to its customers more than ever, with a wide range of products: liquid and bar soaps, deodorants, moisturizers, hand creams, colognes, perfumes, scented candles, ambiance diffusers, bath salts and makeup. A favorite across generations, Phebo continues to enjoy its status as one of Brazil’s most iconic brands.

On top of the
most respected beauty brands of the Brazilian market

The quality of Phebo products and the originality of their fragrances have allowed the brand to hold a special place in Brazilian homes over the years, with Phebo's ever-growing popularity creating a bond that transcends generations. This sense of tradition, combined with the brand's know-how, made Phebo one of the most respected cosmetic brands on the Brazilian market, becoming synonymous with fashion, luxury and glamour

Immersion in the heart of Amazonia

Always working to be closer to their customers and showcase the sophistication and Brazilian DNA that define Phebo products.
The stores are created to convey the special atmosphere that prevails in the Amazon rainforest