How can I track my order?

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, you will immediately be informed by email.
This message will also provide the number of your packages as well as'


GRANADO reserves the right to subcontract all or a part of the preparation and shipment of the order to a third party hired to execute said service provision.
All products sold by GRANADO are considered available in stock. Orders are prepared for 48 business hours counting from the first business day after the registration of the order pursuant to these GSC. Therefore, orders made on saturdays, sundays or holidays shall be processed on the next business day.

This term does not consider the time of hiring a transporter or its term of delivery.

The set of terms mentioned in the Website are understood as free time.

The product ordered shall be delivered to the address included in the purchase order and registered as the "delivery" address.

In case of input errors, especially regarding wrongful or incomplete delivery addresses, GRANADO shall not be held responsible for consequences such as delays or impossibility of delivering. All costs paid to reship the products resulting from an input error from the Client shall be solely borne by the latter.

GRANADO reserves the right to choose the most adequate mode of transportation considering the nature of the product, its weight and its volume, which the Clients states to know and accept.

The delivery terms cannot exceed 7 business days after the date of validation of the payment by the Client (date of registration of the order) in Continental Europe, 10 business days for Overseas Departments and 15 business days for Overseas Territories.

The delivery terms shall not be assured in cases of force majeure, as defined by law and case law. The delivery terms do not include any Client payment control procedures that delay the shipment of the order (see provisions of article 4.2).

The terms announced begin counting from the registration of the order. The predicted delivery date is indicated on the order and in each of our product files. This term is an average term corresponding to the service used for delivery in Continental Europe. In case of absence, the Client shall be in charge of recovering the product from the concerned services.

When the product must be forwarded by the transporter to the delivery address indicated by the Client, the latter shall inform the range of availability in the order. The transporter shall